City of Blue by Anna McKendry
City of Blue by Anna McKendry
Club History

In 2004 Paul Bennie initiated the idea of forming a new photography club in Forster. There was already a Taree Print Photography Club, but nothing in Forster. Paul had some experience in digital photography so he, along with Lynne Bennie (Grover), Margaret and David Price and Craig Mason had a meeting and formed the first committee and registered the club. It was the first Digital Photography club in Australia.

The inaugural meeting was held at Forster Tuncurry Golf Club on 8th May 2004. The Interim committee consisted of President Paul Bennie, Secretary Lynne Bennie, Treasurer Craig Mason, Competition and Events organiser David Price, Committee members Margaret Price, Nicholas Price.

The first photographic competition was held in June 2004 and was judged by Peter Belmont.

The club rapidly expanded from a small club with eleven members which met at the Golf Club. It relocated to the Adult Education Centre in Tuncurry, but before very long, this also proved to be too small, so Club Forster was approached for a more suitable room in which to hold meetings.

At first members had to submit their images via email or on a CD given to the Competition Director David Price, who collated them and sent them to the judge.

By December 2005 the Forster Digital Photo Club Website was up and running. It was set up and run by Andy Keir, who gave lots of instructions to members on how to size and upload images. At the time Paul Bennie, President said 'There is no doubt this is going to change the way we do business from here on in. We are all on a steep learning curve and it is necessary that we all adapt to the new systems'.

Paul Bennie remained President from 2004 until July 2007 when there were seventy eight members.

Membership in 2017 is eighty-one.

Past Presidents
2004-5-6-7 Paul Bennie
2007-8 Noni Pratt
2008-9 Norman Bate
2009-10-11-12 Danny Dunne
2012-13-14-15-16 Wanda Amos
2016-17 Barbara Roberts
2017-18 Margaret Millar
2019-20 Danny Dunne