Our Club conducts a regular monthly competition in several grades and members can upload their images to our online gallery allowing them to be judged. Each image submitted attracts an entry fee  of $1.00 payable at our monthly meetings or other methods by prior arrangement. Uploaded images can't be viewed by anyone other than judges and administrators until judging has been completed. Once judging has been completed, the respective image albums are opened allowing all members to view all the images for that particular competition. You should be familiar with the Competition Rules before submitting images. Competition images may only be entered into you allocated grade. Information about grades can be found in the Which Grade? section.

The system automatically limits the number of images you can submit.The competition rules state that no more than two images be submitted in each category for any month. This gives a possible total of four images, two in the "open" competition and two in the "set subject" competition. Images may be deleted and re-uploaded until judging starts.

The on-line gallery system allows a maximum file size of 1MB per image and image files that are any larger than this will be rejected automatically. See the "Resizing Images" section if you need help preparing your picture.
The size of the images you can upload is limited to 1920 pixels in width and/or 1080 pixels in height. If your image is in "Landscape" format (wider than it is high) then it must not be any wider than 1920 pixels. If your image is in "Portrait" format (higher than it is wide) then the height must be no greater than 1080 pixels. All images must be in .jpg format. Any file that does not have a .jpg file extension will be rejected.

Remember that 1920 x 1080 means width x height. A common mistake is to make a portrait format image 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. That would be 1080 x 1920 ... and it would be rejected as the height of 1920 pixels exceeds the allowable maximum of 1080 pixels. Also you should make sure that your image is the right way up. The system will not automatically rotate images so if for example you upload a portrait format image on its side, that's how it will appear.

It is suggested that you size your pictures to take full advantage of the maximum allowed image size of 1920 pixels in width and/or 1080 pixels in height. If you upload images that are substantially smaller they will appear small when projected at club meetings and will appear small compared to other images when viewed at full size on the web site.

After preparing your image for uploading, browse to the Competition Gallery by clicking the "Competition Gallery" menu button on the "Galleries" page of this web site. This will open a new browser window. If you are not already logged in, click on the "Login" tab and enter your username and password.

Do NOT upload images on behalf of other members using your username as this will cause a lot of confusion. The login username is used to identify who the images belong to. If you need to upload images on behalf of other members you MUST log in using their username and password.

Once you are logged in, click on the "Upload File" tab at the top of the page.
Once you are logged in, click on the "Upload File" tab at the top of the page.
The first line of information on the upload page is "Album". Here you should select the appropriate album for the grade you are entering. This is where most mistakes are made! ... you MUST make sure that the correct album is displayed in this field before you upload the image. Use the down arrow on the right side of the album description to display all the albums, then click on the appropriate album name in the displayed list.

As an example, if you are submitting your image in C Grade for June 2008, choose the (Open Competition C Grade) June 2008 C Grade album. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that images are uploaded to the correct album.

Next, click the "Browse" button to the right of the "File" entry line and locate the picture file you prepared for uploading, select that image by double clicking the filename.

There are two further lines of information. The first of these is "File title". Here you should type in the title of your picture. Simply enter a plain text title for your image such as "Red Flowers" or "Beach Scene" etc. (without the quotes). You must enter a title for your image, you will be prompted if you attempt to upload a picture with a blank title entry. Please do NOT include any identifying information in the title or in the image, such as your name or membership number. Note that the system will automatically strip out any punctuation symbols in the title such as quotation marks, commas and apostrophes.

The next entry field is "File description". This can contain some details about your image but it is not seen by the judge. If you are uploading an image to the "Rogues Gallery" or "Introduce yourself" gallery then you should use this field to enter your details.

Once you have entered the required information double check the entries,in particular, check that the appropriate album is displayed in the album field. Next, click the "Upload file" button to start the upload. Be patient!  It can take a few minutes to upload the image depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file. Eventually you should see a message indicating that the image has been uploaded and then the "My Entries" page will automatically be displayed so that you can check your entry. If you are uploading to non-competition albums you will see your image displayed in full once uploading has completed.

If you have further images to upload, simply repeat the process by again clicking the "Upload file" tab at the top of the page ... but make sure that you re-select the correct album as the system will default to the first album in the list, not the last one you uploaded to!.

You can check to see what images you currently have in the system at any time by clicking the "My Entries" button at the top of the page in the image galleries.

There is a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) tab on the gallery page and this can be used to answer many questions associated with using the online gallery. If you are completely stuck then you can use the contact form to send an email message to the site administrators. We will do our best to help you out.