Each month we run an Open and a Set Subject competition in all two grades ... A, B and C. See the "Grades" section of the web site for details. Entry is open only to financial members of the Forster Digital Photography Club. By submitting images to our website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Each member can enter a maximum of four images in their grade each month two in the Open category and two in the Set Subject category. You can not enter the same image in both the Open and the Set Subject category in the same month. It is the photographer who is graded, not the individual images and members remain in their grade for the entire competition year. The entry fee in our club competition is $1.00 per image, payable on meeting nights or by arrangement with the Club Treasurer.

2. An image which has previously won an award (1, 2, 3 or HC) in any category (Open or Set Subject) can not be entered again in any category in our competitions. This includes images which are substantially similar ... for example, keeping the main subject and simply changing something minor. Winning a Member's Choice award does not preclude re-entering an image ... only those images awarded by our judges are precluded from further entry. It will be left up to the honesty and integrity of members to abide by this rule.

3. You must be the copyright owner (as well as being the photographer) of any images you submit. This includes all the components of stitched, composite or combined images.

4. All entries must be entirely the work of the member submitting. This includes all the components of stitched, composite or combined images. The member must have both captured the image and carried out all image editing processes on that image. Remember that downloading, photographing, scanning or modifying somebody else's artistic or photographic work and incorporating it as a part of your images is not generally acceptable.

5. There are no limitations placed on the expressive and creative manipulation of photographs using computer software, unless specifically excluded in a Set Subject definition eg Nature. However as we are a photography club it is fundamental to our club competitions that all significant elements in submitted images should commence with an image captured by a camera rather than as computer-generated graphics.

6. By submitting your images you are granting a limited licence of use to Forster Digital Photography Club Inc. and the web site administrators to include your images on the club website and to use those images for approved club publicity purposes (e.g. our regular articles and results in the local press). You further agree that the judge(s), administrators and committee members may from time to time temporarily store your images on their local computers for judging and administrative purposes only. This does not alter your copyright to your own images. You, as the photographer, retain all rights in your work and this rule is intended only to ensure that the club, the committee and judges do not infringe your rights.

7. Where a submitted photograph includes the image of a person other than the member submitting, the member submitting warrants that he or she has obtained all necessary permissions from that other person (or in the case of a child, that child's parents or lawful guardian) for the image to be used in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. The Entrant indemnifies Forster Digital Photography Club Inc. and/or the website administrators against all damages, losses, costs and expenses incurred by Forster Digital Photography Club Inc. and/or the website administrators arising out of any failure by the member submitting to obtain the permissions mentioned above.

8. Subject matter in the open competitions is completely your choice, however subject matter for entries in the "Set Subject" competitions should have a clear connection to the theme title and description.

9.  All subject matter should fit within the bounds of good taste. Any objectionable images (in the opinion of the web site administrators and/or committee) may be removed. Please keep in mind that not all those who may view our images are adults and that we prefer our web site and galleries to be "family friendly".

10. All entries must be received by 6 pm on the 28th of each month. Entries can be received early as galleries are usually open several months in advance. Entries may only be received via this web site and not by e-mail or disk etc.

11. Submissions are generally final which means that once the closing date has passed you may not alter or substitute your submitted images except in special circumstances or cases of genuine mistakes in uploading. Before closing date images may be deleted and uploaded at will as long as only two images remain.

12. The Judge's decision is final and no discourse will be entered into. We do our best to get highly qualified judges/photographers but their opinions are subjective.