Which grade should you enter?

Our Club competitions are conducted in three grades ... A, B and C. When joining the club new members are expected to commence in C Grade, however experienced photographers joining the club may request to commence in a higher grade. In considering such requests, the Committee may ask for supporting evidence of prior experience such as by providing a folio of work, by having attained recognised honours or qualifications in photography or by having been an advanced worker in another club.

Here are some basic guidelines:

C Grade This grade is intended for new members joining the club and those who are relatively new to photography.

B Grade This grade provides a higher level of competition and is for those photographers who have accumulated some significant experience or success in competition.

A Grade This is the most advanced and is for those experienced photographers wishing to compete at the highest level with images of a generally high standard.

It should be remembered that in any given monthly competition you should submit images in one grade only, not several images in different grades.

Members score one point for a Highly Commended and three points for a First Place as awarded by our external judges in the regular monthly competitions (special competitions are not normally included in the points system).
Members will remain in the same grade for the entire competition year. Following the final (November) competition each year the member with the highest point score in C Grade will be automatically promoted to B Grade. Similarly, the member with the highest point score in B Grade will be automatically promoted to A Grade.
In addition to the automatic promotion of the grade champions, the Committee may promote a number of members to a higher grade in order to maintain a balance of the numbers in each of the three grades. Promotions will be based on the points earned during the year, with those members having the highest number of points being the first to be promoted. Members can not go to a lower grade.