Using the commenting facilities on the Forster Digital Photo competition gallery.

Our on-line competition gallery system provides members with the ability to enter comments on images. To comment on an image, navigate to the Competition Gallery via the "Galleries" page on this web site. Once you are logged into the competition gallery, click the category that you want to work with. In this example we will use the “Critique” category but the procedure is the same for all categories and albums.

Click the “Critique” category and then open the critique album by clicking the thumbnail image next to the album description. When you open the album you will see a page of thumbnail images … thirty thumbnails to a page. This is known as the “thumbnail” page. If there are more than thirty images in the album you will see a list of page numbers at the bottom right of the page. Simply click on one of the page numbers to navigate to a different page.

Clicking any of the thumbnail images on the thumbnail page will open the respective image in an intermediate size. Clicking the intermediate size image will open the image in full original size. To close the full size image and return to the intermediate size image, simply click anywhere on the full size image.

When viewing the intermediate size image you will see an area below the picture where you can comment on the picture.

You can comment on your own images as well as those of other members. To enter a comment, simply type it into the "comment" box. You can enter quite long comments ... you are not restricted to just one line. Remember to click OK after typing your comment or it won’t be saved. Also, remember to include your name in the comment so members can see who made the comment.

To navigate from image to image you can use the buttons that appear above the intermediate size image..

The buttons at the top of the page allow you to display a thumbnail page ordered in different ways.